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Leather Telephone Hood
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The 2M galvanised post provides a secure post mount option for the T2000/T5000 telephone hoods.

The post can be anchored to any solid flat surface; there are 4 x 14mm fixing holes in the base plate that is welded to the bottom of the post.

The hood is securely fixed to the post at the required fixing height by means of an additional post fixing kit

Cable entry is up through the centre of the base plate and 30mm access holes are found at 860mm and at 1200mm to feed the phone fitted in the hood, also there is a 30mm hole 50mm down from the top of the post, this can also be used to feed a beacon or sounder if required.

*The item supplied is the Post only, it does not include the hood the Telephone Plate or the Post Fixing Kit. See here and here for the complete options

*This post cannot be used retrospectively with a T2000/T5000 Hood unless the hood is specifically made to suit


  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Painted Colour of your choice
  • Dimensions: Post 100mm x 100mm box section post 2M high. Base plate 400mm x 400mm x 10mm


**Telephones are for illustrative purposes only and are not included.








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